Everything could be presented by Surface in April

One of the most anticipated times of the year is approaching. Microsoft will update various products in the Surface line this spring and, more specifically, during this month of April with near complete security. From what has been disclosed, everything indicates that these will be small revisions and that there will be no significant changes in any product.

Specifically, it looks like we’ll have updates for the Surface Laptop and Surface Headphones. These will be the classic minor feature enhancements without significant change (not to the chassis either). It also looks like Microsoft will be launching new accessories, especially for business customers. We owe this information to Zac Bowden and Windows Central. Let’s go!

Surface Laptop 4

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First of all, we expect Microsoft to launch the next generation of the Surface Laptop line. The Surface Laptop 4 will have configurations with an 11th generation Intel processor and AMD Ryzen 4000. This is the first time that Microsoft will offer the AMD option in the 13.5-inch model. Pricing will start at $ 999 for the 13.5-inch model with Ryzen 5, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage.

According to Windows Central, it’s very likely that the “cobalt blue” color we have on the Surface Laptop 3 will be replaced by the new “ice blue” color that was first introduced on the Surface Laptop Go. The Alcantara trim will always be an option for those who want it on the 13.5-inch model. The 15-inch model only has the metal option.

Users will be able to configure the Surface Laptop 4 with a maximum of 32 GB of RAM. The rest of the features and design should remain the same. It will take longer to see a major overhaul of this model.

Surface 2+ Helmet

Source: Microsoft

It also appeared that Microsoft has prepared a small review of the Surface Headphones 2 which could be dubbed “Surface Headphones 2+”. It would be a version geared towards business customers, like the Surface Pro 7+, and would be “certified for Microsoft Teams.”

According to Brad Sams, this certification would come in the form of an accessory to connect the headphones to the PC without the need for Bluetooth. Also, there are rumors that Microsoft intends to sell pads separately for those who need replacement parts.

That would be the only notable change for this review, as the rest of the features would remain unchanged from the original 2 headset. Apparently, they would only be available in black.


Source: Microsoft

In the accessories section, it emerged thanks to Petri that Microsoft is planning to launch a new webcam this spring and that would be showcased at the April event. Additionally, it looks like the North American company has plans to start selling the Microsoft Classroom Pen 2 to business customers this month.

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