Evolution of the COVID-19 vaccine in Spain

Spain will only vaccinate people aged 60 to 65 with AstraZeneca

The Interterritorial Health Council agreed yesterday night, Wednesday, to stop vaccination with AstraZeneca in most groups receiving the injection.

So, as Health Minister Carolina Darias has confirmed, the Oxford antidote will now only be inoculated to people aged 60 to 65. Regarding people under 18 who have already received the first dose, the leader did not specify what the final strategy will be, but opens the possibility either to put a dose of another different vaccine, or to maintain half of the calendar. .

This decision was taken after an emergency meeting between all EU health ministers and after EMA certification of a “possible link” of AstraZeneca with the unusual cases of blood clotting detected in some people who have received the vaccine. Even so, the entity maintains that the benefits of the injection outweigh the risks.

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