Excel web app adds more customization options

Microsoft is committed to betting on the web, and Office web apps are proof of that. This set of free web apps keeps getting better and better and they work better and more and more features are built in. On this occasion, Microsoft announced new possibilities for customizing the Excel web application. In addition, they introduced a new printing experience.

New customization options for Excel cells

The first of these new features is the ability to change the colors of the cells. Very simply, users will be able to click on the “more colors” option and select a specific custom color. Of course, you will also have the option of entering a color via a hex code or via RGB scaling.

Second, Excel for the web will have a new gallery of cell styles. With it, users will be able to improve the aesthetics of their documents and add greater consistency. This style gallery will allow you to select fonts, number formats, cell borders and hatches.

Additionally, the company has facilitated quick access to certain formats such as bold, italics, and underline. Users can now access the toolbar with a single right click to easily format their cells.

Tables are also popular with Microsoft

As if that wasn’t enough, the Office team in charge of Excel announced that users can now format all data as a table, choose from different table layouts and styles, add a summation row. (“Total”) and rename the tables.

A new printing experience

Finally, a new printing experience has been introduced for the Excel web application. It will introduce support for print preview with various layout options, including the ability to define the print area and insert or remove page breaks.

This update will be available in the next few months, probably between June and July 2021. Microsoft is working hard on its web applications and a good proof of this is the new Office application for Windows 10 which will arrive in June and will allow view documents from there.

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