Exchange Online is not available for some users

It appears that Microsoft is having issues with its services in recent days. The reality is that it didn’t affect users in Europe, but in this case, it did. In this case, Exchange Online fails some users within the European Union.

Exchange Online has problems in Europe

The Microsoft team was quick to report this issue. Under Exchange Advisory issue EX244931, it is warned that some users will not be able to access Exchange Online. Here is Microsoft’s statement on it:

Title: Some users may not be able to access the Exchange Online service.
Impact on users: they will not be able to access the Exchange Online service
More information: This message is a continuation of EX244931
Current state: We are monitoring the affected environments while restarting the affected infrastructure and diverting traffic.
Scope of impact: The impact affects users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Last week there were issues with cryptographic keys. We hope this issue will be resolved before 2pm compared to the previous issue. At this time, we haven’t seen any issues in our Microsoft 365 account, but we’ll be vigilant about it.

This 2021 won the great fame of Microsoft 365 because of its few failures during the year. We hope this will be opportune and that everything will return to normal on the mail server very soon.

On the other hand, we did not see any other problems in Spain related to Microsoft services. It has been reported that Xbox, Azure, and Microsoft 365 could fail. However, it seems that in the end it did not affect our country and no user indicated the existence of this type of problem. But, in this case, it was Microsoft itself that warned about the problem in its service.

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