Exercise AMAN 2021: AMAN 2021: How dangerous is Pakistan to maneuver with 45 countries of the world? – Latest from Exercise Aman 2021, Pakistan conducts naval exercise with 45 other countries

Strong points:

Pakistan, which is leading maneuvers in the Arabian Sea with 45 countries around the world, is a threat to India-China and Turkey in the Arabian Sea.
Pakistan is conducting maneuvers in the Arabian Sea near Karachi with navies from 45 countries around the world, including Russia, China and Turkey. This 7th edition of exercise Aman-2021 will take place from today, from February 11 to February 16. What’s great is that NATO and Russian forces, traditionally seen as enemy organizations, are also participating. The presence of Chinese warships and submarines in this maneuver which is taking place near India is also dangerous for India.

Pakistan declared Aman-2021 exercise goal
The Pakistani military said the aim of the exercise was to end terrorism and piracy. Apart from this exercise, the Pakistani Navy is also trying to establish mutual coordination between navies of countries around the world. Pakistan conducts this exercise every two years.

Warships and submarines from many countries will show their might
Warships, submarines, helicopters and planes from 45 countries are participating in this exercise. The Aman-2021 exercise mainly takes place in two phases. The first phase will take place at sea while the second will take place on land. Field events include seminars, talks, combat demonstrations, and mutual meetings. While the fight against piracy, the maneuvers against terrorism, the training in search and rescue will be carried out during exercises at sea.

China, Pakistan to show strength as they maneuver to try to surround India by sea
These countries are involved in the maneuvers
In this exercise, America, China, Russia, Great Britain, Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia and ASEAN countries, South Asian countries, countries Members of the African Union, many countries of the European Union are joining. Apart from these countries, 115 countries will also participate in this naval exercise as observers. Exercise Aman 2021 was launched by Pakistan in 2007.

China created second frigate for Pakistani navy, plotting against India
How much danger for India
There is no direct threat to India’s participation of 45 countries in this Pakistan exercise. India’s bilateral relations with most of these countries are stronger than Pakistan. This is the case with the Pakistani navy which cannot match India anywhere in terms of strength. Many countries, including the United States, are openly with India in the Indian Ocean region. At the same time, the Indian Navy continues to increase its power.

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