Exoskeleton suits: China’s new move on Ladakh border, PLA soldiers wearing ‘Iron Man exoskeleton costume’ – Chinese army troops using Iron Man exoskeleton suits’ at the Indian border in Ngari

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Ironman exoskeleton suit given to soldiers deployed in Chinagari province may carry more weight than soldiers for fear of injury
China is constantly equipping its troops with new weapons, entangled with India in Ladakh. According to a recent report, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) deployed to the Indian border wears an Ironman exoskeleton costume to its soldiers. With the help of this suit, Chinese soldiers can easily carry out missions even in the ruthless and high altitude regions. Recently, it was also reported that China has also deployed its new howitzers to the Indian border.

This combination is effective for patrolling
Chinese government spokesperson Global Times said the Chinese military patrol and sentry service with the help of the exoskeleton suit are very effective in missions. The soldiers who received this costume are first stationed in Nagari, in the Tibet Autonomous Region in southwest China. Explain that China also has an important air base in this area. What could become a major center of Chinese aggression against India.

Chinese soldiers wearing ironman costumes in Nagari
The soldiers stationed in Nagari also began to wear this costume. With this help, they can carry heavy luggage even on bumpy roads and in bad weather. It also reduces the risk of injuries to soldiers’ waist or legs. Nagari is located at an altitude of over 5000 meters above sea level. In such a situation, soldiers struggled to patrol with heavy baggage during the season.

Weight transfer depending on the frame
According to the China Central Television (CCTV) report, during the recent supply delivery mission, several soldiers attached to the Xinjiang Military Command carried around 20 to 20 kg of food and water in their backpacks to using this combination. According to experts, with this technology, the weight of the backpack is transferred to the frame of the exoskeleton suit instead of the soldiers’ legs. Patrolling hilly areas with such weight is considered quite effective. It can also increase the duration of the mission.

Lack of oxygen makes it difficult to lift weights
Due to the high altitude, there is a lack of oxygen in these areas. This makes the luggage much heavier than its actual weight. With increasing height, a person’s stamina also decreases. In this case, wearing an exoskeleton suit makes it easier for them to lift heavy weights. Second, Chinese soldiers are not used to living in these high altitude areas. In such a situation, a large number of soldiers also fall ill from severe cold.

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