Expensya takes a 360 ° turn in expense management and reaffirms its values

With one hundred percent growth in the midst of the health crisis, Expensya, a company specializing in the professional expense management market, announces its new strategic positioning and paves the way for overhead management in companies.

Through this new approach, Expensya, which has more than six years of experience in the sector, reaffirms its values ​​and supports the growth of the market. The company is thus reinventing itself to transform the management of professional expenses, while reaffirming its values: innovation, technology, proximity and agility. This strategic shift implies an even more innovative solution and an overhaul in terms of organization: Expensya is not limited to the management of expense reports, but above all stands out as an innovative platform for the general management of expenses, which it constitutes a natural evolution of the company, which thus reinforces its technological and dynamic dimension.

“Although the change is important, our fundamental mission remains the same and the new strategic orientations implemented testify to the constant growth of Expensya since its creation in 2014. Over the past months, we have devoted our efforts to developing a new image that represents and symbolizes our goal. This transformation, faithful to the direction we have set for ourselves, reflects the reality of a company which has grown a lot, is agile and constantly evolving, at the service of all its users ”, explains Karim Jouini, CEO and co-founder of ‘Expensya.

A payment card service open to all workers

As part of this strategy, and faced with the rapid growth in the needs for modernization and digitalization of financial processes in companies, Expensya has decided to generalize its virtual payment module to all users.

Available very soon for all Expensya customers, the payment module is an efficient solution that allows users to centralize and control their daily expenses. With this module, Expensya develops a new way of solving inefficient expenditure management, as well as helping companies to adopt the professional habits of tomorrow.

This development represents the promise of an efficient solution and quality technical and functional support, combining the skills of a pure player and modern payment solutions to drive an unparalleled user experience.

A new visual identity to support this transformation

To carry out this transformation, Expensya presents a new visual identity, the result of a very precise strategic development process.

With a more avant-garde design, the new logo expresses a positioning focused on the adaptability of the company in a constantly evolving technological environment and in its mastery of the latest advances, in addition to bringing a significant dose of innovation: comprehensive management 360 ° business expenses and an increasingly integrated automation solution.

Along with the new emblem, Expensya has also renewed its website, betting on offering an optimized user experience and an absolutely futuristic design. Aware of the importance of creating links with customers and meeting their needs, the new intuitive, simple and dynamic site reinforces Expensya’s core values ​​and fully reaffirms the role of users.

“Expensya is evolving, as is our offering. This is why, in order to better respond to current market dynamics and meet the needs of our users, we have developed new innovations, such as the deployment of virtual payment cards, while launching a modern visual identity. Today, we are proud to present a brand and visual identity that perfectly reflects Expensya’s mission: to cover all professional expenses, whether they are the responsibility of the worker or paid with one of our means of payment. , ranging from business trips, even teleworking, to daily mobility, ”concludes Karim Jouini.

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