Expert in Digital Marketing, the profile sought by companies of the future

In the age of e-commerce and with jobs growing and at an unstoppable rate of media and internet channels, online marketing training is a guarantee of access to new professional opportunities in a sector with salaries of up to 140,000 euros per year. Thanks to the academic explorer OTONAUTA, it is possible to access in a practical and simple way complete and detailed information on the different possibilities of study in digital marketing, with the option of the online master in mind.

Knowing how media and Internet channels work and knowing how to apply the right strategies to position products and services in the most optimal way in the online environment is a key task at the moment, increasingly appreciated by companies that see opportunities on the horizon and look to the future with motivation. It is the era of electronic buying and selling, and the use of technology at an unbeatable rate, with the Internet dominating the scene, makes the choice of digital marketing training even more attractive.

The study of a master’s degree specializing in this field is the option most in demand today; and, more specifically, an online master’s degree. The direct way to get to know in depth a phenomenon applied since the 90s and which has experienced a spectacular boom in recent times. Because millions and millions of people transact products and services in digital media anytime and anywhere, be it web pages, social networks or mobile apps. It is the empire of electronic commerce, e-commerce in English.

Digital marketing training allows you to master strategies that are now essential to optimize online visibility, such as SEO, SEM or marketing on social networks; know the guarantee that investment performance marketing offers, the importance of establishing effective communication with the client, and of retaining this relationship. Also, to know how to successfully combine marketing techniques and non-intrusive advertising strategies, manage the relationship with the customer (CRM) and learn about aspects as interesting as the behavior of the brain in a buying process.

Thanks to the online, face-to-face, semi-face-to-face and distance Masters options currently offered by ESIC, UNED, UOC, UNIR or CEU, among other centers of Exceptional teaching, the latest knowledge, advice, ideas and techniques can be acquired from digital marketing. The master’s degree guarantees the most advanced and specialized training in this field, and that is perhaps why it is the most demanded route today, ahead of the options offered by courses, undergraduate degrees or graduate in digital marketing.

This training allows you to work professionally in positions such as Director of Digital Marketing, Director of Digital Business Development, Director of Advertising, Online Marketing Specialist, Director of Digital Marketing, Ecommerce Specialist, Director of Marketing digital innovation, e-commerce manager, digital communication director, Customer Relationship Manager or Digital Strategy Project Consultant, among other professional profiles who work in a sector whose salaries fluctuate, according to data collected by the IEBS (School of Commerce and ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurs), between the maximum 140,000 euros per year that can be achieved from the position of Digital Director, and the 30,000 euros that a Content Manager earns annually, with a minimum of 3 years’ experience. The average annual salary in several of the professional digital marketing positions, such as program manager, digital account manager, digital manager, programmatic manager, e-commerce manager, social media manager or CRM manager, is around $ 50,000. And an E-commerce Director, a position that requires 8 years of experience, can earn up to 80,000 euros per year.

This is the reward that goes to the experts who have to know how a website works and how to create, from it, a virtual community around a certain brand. A process in which advertising, social networks, branding, SEO and SEM strategies, or the implementation of Big Data in companies converge. Conditions already common for a growing number of companies in all sectors.

More comprehensive and detailed information on digital marketing master’s study options can be accessed through the OTONAUTA Academic Explorer.

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