experts ask not to let our guard down even if the data is still good

Updated: Sunday, March 14, 2021 2:25 PM

Published on: 03/14/2021 2:24 PM

Spain is slowing down its downward trend. While the data is still good, experts insist we don’t let our guard down. “The incidence of the disease is declining in many communities, but in some it has already slowed down, or even the decline has stagnated,” said Juan Gestal, professor of preventive medicine at USC.

The Comunidad Foral de Navarra is one example. The good news is that it runs a week with less than a hundred cases per day (52 infections); the bad news is that their positivity rate goes up to 4%. Same data as in Cantabria, which wakes up this Sunday with 46 new cases and one deceased. The positivity rate represents the percentage of people who tested positive for the coronavirus among all the tests done in a day.

Hence the importance of having a good monitoring system. Therefore, experts ask to improve it even more. “We have the opportunity, now that we have fewer cases, to strengthen the epidemiological surveillance in which we failed during previous periods of the pandemic,” said expert José Félix Hoyo. According to the WHO, exceeding 5% means that the pandemic is still out of control.

In Catalonia, 1,068 positives and 15 new deaths were recorded on the last day, with a slight rebound in the number of admissions but with a drop in the rest of the indicators. And in Galicia, 112 new cases and six deaths have been reported, although active cases and ICU admissions are reduced. In Euskadi, 295 new cases and 97 people are still admitted to Basque ICUs. And in Murcia, 65 cases and one deceased were added.

Since we left the third wave, Spain has only had a rate below the WHO threshold for one day. An ascent that we see in Extremadura. With 57 new cases, its cumulative incidence moves away from low risk. This Sunday, it’s already 54 points. In Melilla’s case, he’s reporting his second-lowest infection count for the entire week, but it doesn’t drop the positivity rate below 6%.

Meanwhile, its neighbor, Ceuta, has reached the highest level in the whole country, with almost 20%, according to its latest data. “We must be very careful, not to relax the preventive measures,” insisted Juan Gestal. In contrast, the Balearic Islands recorded a positivity rate of 1.38%. In the islands, 27 new infections were added and no deaths. Specifically, only three cases in Ibiza and Formentera, none, so the island, with zero active cases, is coronavirus-free.

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