Experts from Turkey, Greece warn India to build nuclear bomb with Pakistan, help Greek experts warn India

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Greek experts have warned India against deepening the nefarious friendship between Pakistan and Turkey. Pakistan is reported to be transferring atomic bombs and missiles to Turkey. Athens has become a threat
Greek experts have warned India of deepening the nefarious friendship between Pakistan and Turkey. Greek experts have given the warning at a time when there are reports that Pakistan is transferring nuclear missile technology to Turkey. The whole world has been shaken since this news. Experts said the friendship between Pakistan and Turkey poses a major threat to terrorism and regional security in Greece and India.

Professor John Nomikos, an expert on international affairs for Greece, told a webinar here that the Turkish-Pakistani bond poses a major threat to India and Greece. He said Turkish, Pakistani and Chinese intelligence agencies were working together to create instability in Jammu and Kashmir. Professor Nomikos called on Joe Biden’s administration in the United States to curb Turkey’s dream of becoming a nuclear weapon state.
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“ India should ensure its mandatory presence in the ocean ”
He said India should ensure its mandatory presence in the Mediterranean Sea to suppress Turkey and Pakistan. Andres Mountjoeroulias, editor-in-chief of the Greek news organization Pentapostagma, said that as Pakistan gives nuclear weapons to Turkey, there should be an alliance between India and Greece. The two countries should make weapons together. He said Turkey is attracting Indian students in the name of the scholarship. Andrés said the Turkish president’s dream of becoming a “Khalifa” posed a threat to the world.

According to the IANS news agency, there was a secret deal between Pakistan and Turkey to manufacture nuclear bombs and missiles. Turkey and Pakistan met on December 22-23. Analysts say the rapidly changing geopolitical situation was discussed at this meeting. It is said that Turkish President Erdogan wants to fulfill his dream of an atomic bomb on the basis of friendship with Imran Khan. He believes that by acquiring nuclear weapons, he will gain an advantage over the Prince of Saudi Arabia in the Islamic world.
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Erdogan expressed the ambition of the atomic bomb
Erdogan, in one of his speeches in September 2019, openly kept his nuclear ambition open to the world. He said, “Not one or two countries have missiles with atomic bombs.” But (they tell us) we can’t keep it. I do not accept it. There is no one in developed countries who does not have it. Erdogan’s claim is false because there are many developed countries in the world such as Japan, Germany which do not have atomic bombs.

To achieve his nuclear ambition, the Turkish president embarked on Imran Khan and his army. Pakistan has a long history of smuggling nuclear materials. Pakistan is the master of the nuclear black market and Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadir Khan has donated nuclear technology to many countries. Khan is the father of the Pakistani nuclear program.

Turkey pledged to build nuclear bombs with Pakistan’s help

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