Experts recommend using coronavirus vaccine from 16 years old

Publication: Sunday 13 December 2020 09:22

A panel of experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends giving the Pfizer vaccine from age 16, after debating whether to set the threshold at age 18. The independent committee, which normally meets to review the children’s immunization schedule, voted in favor of Pfizer’s vaccine, which has already received emergency clearance from the U.S. drug regulator, to be administered to 16 and 17 year olds. , in addition to adults.

It only remains for CDC director Robert Redfield to sign the recommendation and extend it to all medical centers and pharmacies that will need to perform the injections across the country from Monday, when the arrival date. of the first vials is planned. Pfizer and pharmaceutical company Moderna, which could receive approval for its vaccine next week, are already conducting clinical trials with children and adolescents to determine doses, possible side effects and effectiveness.

The committee debated both the age of those on the vaccination plan and whether to vaccinate pregnant women or people with a history of anaphylactic attacks, which have caused problems in the UK.

On Friday, the head of the FDA committee that determined the authorization of the Pfizer vaccine, Dr Peter Marks, told a press conference today that there were no data on the effect. vaccine in pregnant women because they did not participate in the testing, and doctors should decide whether to get the injection on a case-by-case basis.

The CDC will detail the new vaccine guidelines and recommendations this Sunday, as the administration of the vials will begin on Monday. Pfizer, in coordination with logistics operators Fedex and UPS, as well as the government through Operation Warp Speed ​​to obtain reliable and safe vaccines in record time, have already started the complex process of distributing the 2.9 million first doses of the vaccine at 600 vaccination points across the country.

States will be responsible for requesting doses and applying them to the population by priority groups. The state authorities are committed to following the CDC’s recommendations to this effect.

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