Experts warn of unstoppable rise in infections

Posted: Sunday July 11 2021 2:08 PM

Catalonia increases its infections by 60%, Murcia doubles them and communities like Asturias, Galicia or the Balearic Islands soar in a week. The increased incidence in these areas is no coincidence, as festivals like the one in San Juan have boosted the numbers, forcing an emergency stop to de-escalation in several regions.

“We have to go up several screens because we were anticipating in his moment in the permissiveness”, warns the epidemiologist and former director of the WHO Daniel López-Acuña.

Nightlife is once again in the eye of the storm. The false sense of security, experts say, made us anticipate events. Amos García, president of the Spanish Vaccination Association, wonders that people think “all fish is sold” when in reality “there is a lot to sell”.

A complicated situation to which we must add one more ingredient: the Delta variant, something that makes us warn that the danger is still present. Although the highest incidence is in young people, they are not free from the virus and the percentage of vaccination in some groups is still below the desired level.

Also among the over 40s, who this Sunday the Canary Islands allow to be vaccinated without prior appointment. Having the full directive doesn’t mean you are virus free, either. For example, this week in a retirement home in Vigo, there were five positive points.

That is why stopping restrictions, experts say, must go hand in hand with other measures. Mass screening, like the one in Salamanca, can be a useful tool. But the most important thing to remember is why the pandemic is not over yet.

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