explosion in Bordeaux: strong explosion again in France, 5 people injured, terrorist plot no? – Explosion in a residential building in central Bordeaux, France, alert to the police

Strong points:

Loud explosion in a building in Bordeaux in France, 5 people injured
The city of Bordeaux in France was rocked by a strong explosion today. Five people were reportedly injured in the blast, in which the condition of two people is believed to be critical. It is feared that the explosion was due to a leak in the building’s gas pipeline. However, police will only release an official statement about the cause of the explosion after a thorough investigation at the scene.

The risk of building collapses increases
In addition to the French police, emergency services were deployed on the scene. Police evacuated everyone from the explosion building. The building suffered significant damage from the explosion. The emergency department said the risk of the building collapsing from the explosion has increased, so now everyone will be allowed in after the repairs.

The glass in the surrounding windows is shattered by the explosion
According to local French media, the explosion was so strong that its echo was heard throughout the city of Bordeaux. In this explosion, the windows of neighboring stores were smashed. This can be measured by the power of this explosion.

France fights against Islamic terrorism
France has been fighting Islamic terrorism for several months. On October 16, a teacher was strangled to death in a Paris suburb for showing a cartoon by Mohammed Saheb. After which the French president called it Islamic terrorism. The shooting outside the Charlie Hebdo office has since raised concern in France.

France in action against fundamentalism
The French government is campaigning to identify and arrest all fundamentalists in the country. Meanwhile, mosques in France are now prohibited from receiving funds from abroad. French intelligence agencies are constantly on the move and arrest people.

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