Explosion of the port of Beirut in Lebanon: Explosion of Beirut: complaint for negligence filed against 3 former ministers of Lebanon PM, Lebanese court

One of the biggest tragedies of 2020 was the explosion in the Lebanese capital of Beirut. More than 190 people died in the explosion. Today, a court in the country registered a case against Prime Minister Hassan Diab and three ministers from his government. After the Beirut explosion, the problems of government neglect and corruption that had endured for years spread across the world.

Besides the Prime Minister, a negligence case was filed against the Minister of Finance Ali Hassan Khalil, Ghazi Jeter and Yusuf Fenianos. He said during the investigation that 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, which had been lying in the port for years, was the cause of this traumatic event. Judge Fadi Sawan asked the prime minister how long he had known about the explosives while he was in office and why he did not give instructions to remove them?

Beirut was shaken
In August 2020, the city of Beirut was shaken when there were two consecutive explosions near the port. The explosions were so rapid that the land near the port was gone. More than 150 people died as a result of the incident and more than five thousand people were injured. The biggest loss was due to the silo present there, due to which there was a risk of grain shortage.

The government has resigned
Lebanon was already experiencing an economic crisis, in the midst of which the Corona virus was also wreaking havoc. At the same time, allegations were made against the government and corruption. Anger erupted after the explosions in the capital, Beirut, after which several ministers, including the prime minister, demanded to resign and take on the role of guard.

The government had fallen
Last year, Hassan’s government came after the massive demolition of the government. There are a lot of technocrats involved in this government and there is big party support for Iran, but within a year it has also fallen. People who were angry with several issues protested aggressively at the Port of Beirut by the explosions. Government ministries were stoned and clashes with police took place in several places.

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