Expulsion of French Ambassador from Pakistan: Pakistan France Latest Tensions Updates Imran Khan to expel French Ambassador from Pakistan: Imran Khan to expel French Ambassador from Pakistan

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Viral video, shouting slogans from Pakistani army and Pakistani army personnel in support of fundamentalist organizations in Pakistan, demanding the expulsion of the French ambassador. Radical organizations Islamabad
Radical parties surrounded the Imran Khan government over the issue of the expulsion of the French ambassador to Pakistan. On Monday, thousands of activists from the extremist Islamic political party Tehreek-e-Labbak staged massive protests in the streets of Lahore to demand a severance of relations with France. During this, two people also died in a clash between protesters and police. Police arrested Saad Hussain Rizvi, the leader of the extremist party, for bragging, but a video of Pakistani army personnel revealed his complicity.

Pakistani soldier shouting slogans on Gypsy
A video is becoming increasingly viral on Pakistani social media, in which members of the Pakistani military are seen shouting slogans between Tehreek-e-Labbak activists. The jawan standing with the light machine gun on an open gypsy sings the slogan al-jihad-al-jihad. As a crowd of thousands of fundamentalists standing below is heard shouting “Pak Army Zindabad” slogans. Some people are also seen kissing the hand of this young man.

The police gave this argument regarding the arrest
Lahore Police Chief Ghulam Mohammad Dogar said Rizvi was arrested for maintaining law and order. Rizvi said the government is committed to the French ambassador being expelled from the country by April 20 over the issue of publishing photos of the prophet in France. The government says it has only committed to discussing the issue in Parliament. Dogar did not provide much information about the arrest.

Who is Saad Hussain Rizvi
After the sudden disappearance of Khadim Hussain Rizvi, Saad Rizvi became the leader of the Pakistani Party Tehreek-e-Labak. Rizvi’s supporters have pressured the government not to repeal the country’s blasphemy law. The party wants the government to boycott French products and push the French ambassador out of the country under an agreement signed with Rizvi’s party in February.

Proposal to expel the French Ambassador to the Parliament of Pak
Fear of fundamentalists, the Imran Khan government also submitted a proposal for the expulsion of the French ambassador to the country’s National Assembly (Pakistani Parliament). The decision to present this proposal was taken at a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan. In which were present the Pakistani Minister of Law Feroze Naseem, the Minister of the Interior Sheikh Rashid, the Minister of Religious Affairs Nurul Haq Qadri and many senior officials.

Pakistan France Tension: Pakistan will expel the French ambassador? Fundamentalists gave Imran Khan a final warning
After all, why Pakistani fundamentalists are angry with France
Pakistani radicals are angered by the controversial cartoon of Mohammad Sahab published in the French magazine Charlie Hebdo. A motion of condemnation was also passed in the Pakistani parliament regarding French President Emmanuel Macron’s statement on Islamic terrorism. Not only that, in October last year, Pakistan’s foreign ministry summoned the French ambassador and protested.

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