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Ham Ished, the head of Israel’s former space security program, claimed that aliens exist in the universe and that they also have contact with the United States and Israel. Not only that, America’s outgoing President Donald Trump knows full well. He also claimed that the presence of extraterrestrials has been kept under wraps for now because humanity is not yet ready for it. Ham Ished, who has managed Israel’s space security program for nearly 30 years, said a “galactic federation” has been created which operates an underground base on Mars under a secret deal with the United States. United. Let’s know this sensational full claim from the Israeli expert …..

“ Donald was about to reveal Trump, the aliens have stopped ”

Ished claimed in an interview with Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot that US President Trump was about to reveal to aliens that he had been arrested by aliens. Ished, who saw 87 sources of life, said aliens will not be exposed to people until humanity develops to this level until we develop our understanding of space and vessels. space. Ished did not say how long the aliens have been in hiding, but said contact with the aliens took place during Donald Trump’s tenure. He said there was an “agreement” between the extraterrestrials traveling on Earth and the US government.

“ Aliens want to understand space with America ”

The Israeli expert said the extraterrestrials, as well as American agents, want to understand the “fabric of the universe”. Ished said: “The aliens were told not to announce their presence because humanity is not yet ready for it.” He said: ‘Donald Trump was about to announce the presence of the aliens once, but the aliens from the Galactic Federation told him to wait first so people could calm down. They don’t want to create too much hysteria among people. Aliens want us to be mentally healthy and understanding first. Ished said that until this situation arose, the aliens compromised themselves to keep their activities a secret.

“ Secret deal made between aliens and America ”

The Israeli expert said: “There is an agreement between the US government and the aliens. The aliens have signed an agreement with us to test here. They are also researching the fabric of the entire universe and trying to figure it out. They want to that we help them with this work. ‘He said,’ There is an alien lair in the depths of Mars. Representatives of aliens and American astronauts are present there. The former chief of security Israeli claimed he came forward but did not expect his revelations to be accepted as true. He said if he had made this disclosure 5 years ago he would have been admitted to the hospital.

“ Aliens help prevent nuclear tragedy on Earth ”

Ished said that everywhere he went with this information, it was said that this person had gone mad. He said, “I have nothing to lose. I received my diploma and my prize. I have been honored at universities around the world where trends are changing. The Israeli expert has also written a book in which he claims how aliens helped prevent nuclear tragedy on Earth. When Professor Ished retired in 2011, the Israeli media called him “the father of Israel’s satellite program.” He mentioned many theories about UFOs in his book. Ished quoted a researcher as saying it’s not just humans in space.

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