EY joins the Princess of Girona Foundation to fight youth unemployment

EY, patron of the Princess of Girona Foundation, collaborates in the Talent Rescuers program to improve the employability of young people in the face of the critical employment situation caused by the pandemic. This program promotes self-knowledge, enhances individual skills and supports young people in their access to an uncertain labor market, providing them with professional opportunities and contacts with organizations engaged in youth employment.

EY is strongly committed to the development of education and entrepreneurship through all its initiatives promoting employability, academic success, vocations and talents. The collaboration agreement with the Princesa de Girona Foundation in this specific program includes mentoring actions, specific training and soft skills, carried out by professionals of the Firm and members of the Human Resources team, with the aim of improve training for young people, particularly in languages ​​and leadership skills. All of this is done to help awaken an attitude of initiative in young people, contributing to the transmission of entrepreneurial competence, so that they can meet their aspirations in the immediate future.

Jos Luis Risco, partner and director of human resources at EY, recalls that “the unemployment rate of young higher education graduates in Spain is double the European average and 40% of higher graduates work below their qualification or are underemployed ”. For Risco, “the impact of the pandemic on the labor market further worsens the situation and especially affects those who join a job for the first time, so that young people will find greater resistance to find a job related to their profession. in the years to come. , hence the relevance of programs such as the talent rescuers to which we associate ourselves with all our expertise ”.

EY joins this program to improve the employability of the Princess of Girona Foundation, which is now reorienting itself to meet, with 40 leading companies in different sectors of our country, the needs of young people ready to face this economic and professional transformation that our society is alive, in which new professions appear every day. After three years of activity, 70% of the users of the program have improved their employment situation and 35% say they have found a job thanks to Talent Rescuers.

Formation in progress

To initiate this specific collaboration between the two organizations, EY provides people registered on this platform of the Princesa de Girona Foundation with places for the next Firsteps training courses, a learning program, created and developed by the Firm itself, to support young students in the first steps of their professional career. The aim is to maximize the skills and knowledge of the participants, by offering sessions that meet the demands of the current job market and the reality of a large company like EY. It is made up of 13 synchronous sessions (in virtual format), lasting about 2 hours, spread between February 1 and June 30, 2021. More information HERE

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