EY, recognized for rapid action and response to COVID-19

It was the first large company in Spain to send all of its professionals to Madrid to work from home, in a smart work format.

EY was honored at the 18th edition of the Expansin Awards for Innovation in Human Resources which are awarded each year by the journal Expansin for its Strategic Plan for Talent Management and Internal Communication designed to deal with COVID-19, which allowed the adoption of a rapid response to the pandemic ensuring the health and safety of professionals while maintaining the continuity of the daily activity of the Firm, offering customer service with the greatest excellence.

According to Jos Luis Risco, Director of Human Resources at EY, “the objective was clear: to ensure the health and safety of all professionals and their families, to guarantee the continuity of employment, through effective internal communication and adapted, a feeling of emotional closeness despite the physical distance and keep professionals motivated, connected and informed through innovative channels and formats ”.

EY was the first company in Spain to take the decision, on March 5, to send all its professionals to Madrid to work from home, in a smart work format, after detecting the first positive case in their offices, as and as it expands. in a few days to the rest of the offices: a total of 4,700 professionals throughout Spain.

According to the data collected by the firm, the strategic plan for talent management and internal communication was decisive and met the needs of its professionals, as evidenced by a recent internal survey. According to this analysis, 99% of professionals surveyed say that EY demonstrates that the health of employees is a priority and that it has adopted the appropriate measures to protect them, as well as 98% are proud to work in the Firm.

Communication and direct relationship have been a mainstay during the state of alarm. In 102 days of confinement, EY carried out a multitude of initiatives such as daily podcasts, management meetings open to all professionals, specific websites (such as the creation of a company portal with 9 public rooms and 19 rooms in total) and messages from the presidency with the aim of maintaining the commitment and unity of all professionals, informing about the measures adopted, as well as promoting leisure initiatives in the most complex moments of confinement of the pandemic.


Talent management and commitment to innovation in the development and performance evaluation of EY professionals has been recognized by various prestigious institutions and publications. For the ninth consecutive year, the Firm has obtained the Top Employers seal awarded by the Top Employers Institute for employee management policies. In addition, this year EY was recognized as one of the best companies to work for in Spain by Great Place to Work, which collects the opinions of its own professionals.

The Expansion Awards for Innovation in Human Resources, now awarded, aim to identify companies that successfully implement a novelty or an improvement in the management of the relationship with their employees that contributes positively to the performance of the company and to the improved behavior. organizational.

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