EY renews its sponsorship with the Spanish Association of Human Resources Directors

EY has just renewed, for the third consecutive year, the sponsorship agreement with the Spanish Association of Directors of Human Resources (AEDRH), an organization created to promote and develop the function of human resources management, which already has more than 800 associates.

The signing of the agreement was attended by Jess Torres, Association President and Head of Human Resources Southern Europe at Rentokil Initial Espaa and Jaime Sol, Partner in charge of People Advisory Services at EY.

The EY People Advisory Services (PAS) space was created in 2015 within EY Global. It is a service area within the Firm, which integrates all the skills and experience in the different subjects that make up the HR consulting firm, from the most traditional services such as international mobility or employee compensation, to more innovative to which they respond. new challenges, such as organizational agility or the intensive integration of technology and data in the Human Resources function. Since its creation, the EY PAS zone has a recognized experience in the field of research and development of reports related to HR, people or labor relations, both local and international.

As Jaime Sol explained when signing the agreement: “the moment of transformation that we are experiencing in the company’s relations with their employees, exacerbated for a year by the pandemic, makes it more than ever necessary to update knowledge day, methodologies work, as well as the exchange of experiences. New and increasingly hybrid work models, the demand for new forms of communication or new working relationships have become a tsunami to stay. HR professionals have an obligation to be ready to respond quickly to all of its complexities and to lead the digital transformation in the field of HR with agility ”.

For his part, Jess Torres, president of the AEDRH, declared: “We are very proud to continue to count on the support of EY for the main association which brings together those responsible for human capital in Spain. The Association focuses fully on the development of professional skills and capacities and continues to support the associates in the development of the human resources function, today more than ever the epicenter of companies. We believe that EY’s global experience is very positive for our networking environments ”.

With the renewal of this sponsorship, EY continues to join the family of executives who make up the AEDRH to promote and develop the human resources management function, as well as facilitate the exchange and dissemination of knowledge on people management. Today, with more than 700 partners, all active human resources directors of Spanish and foreign companies present in Spain.

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