Eye of the Sahara seen from space: Eye of the Sahara in Africa seen from space:

In the middle of the Sahara Desert, the northwest of Mauritania is such a circular shape that it is very interesting to see. It is so huge that it can be seen even from space. One of the wonders of the world, this figure has been the center of attraction of photographers to scientists. In such a situation, it becomes interesting to know how this shape was formed and why is it so important?

not visible from the ground

This figure remained invisible for a long time in the middle of the desert. It was difficult to see from ground level. The interesting thing is that it is very clear from space and looks like a giant eye. This is why we give it this name. It was also used as a navigation landmark, and the astronauts took a lot of photos. Due to its size and texture, it was long believed to have formed as a result of a meteorite collision.

Why are the colors different?

Now geologists think it’s pretty symmetrical. It is believed to be a geological dome, the upper layers of which have been destroyed by exposure to wind and water. It also has excellent hydrothermal characteristics filled with silica. For this reason, to keep it safe, the need for further study on its origin arose. According to reports, this dome is made of different types of rocks and due to the different effect of wind and water on each rock, such a shape emerged. Where there wasn’t much of an effect these blue and purple areas are towards the top and where erosion is high there is a depth of yellow color.

different rocks

The surrounding dark area is a plateau of sedimentary rocks that sits 200 meters above the desert sands. The outer part is 485 meters above sea level. After all the studies, geologists have discovered that the rocks at its center are much older than the outer rocks. Inside are rhyolitic volcanic rocks, gabros, carbonatites and kimberlites. The exterior is made up of igneous and sedimentary rocks. There are also a few cracks on the outside.

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