F-15EX: the US F-15EX launches its first nuclear flight, also offers India – the Boeing F-15EX Jet makes its first flight, see a viral video, know the comparison with India Rafael-and Su- 30mki

The F-15EX fighter plane under construction for the US Air Force made its maiden flight today. This plane is so dangerous that on its own it can defeat many fighter jets in the air. Not only that, this fighter plane is also capable of firing missiles equipped with nuclear weapons. Just a few days ago, Boeing, the company making this F-15EX, also offered it to India. If this fighter jet joins the Indian Air Force, the problems in China and Pakistan may escalate. Boeing tweeted a video of the plane’s maiden flight and said we will be handing over two lots to the US Air Force soon.

F-15EX fighter plane in the air for 90 minutes

Apparently, the F-15EX aircraft flew over Lambert International Airport in St. Louis, Missouri on February 2. The plane was originally scheduled to take off on February 1, but due to bad weather the entire plan was postponed for a day. Boeing reported that the F-15 EX was in flight for about 90 minutes on its first flight. Not only that, this plane also performed as expected. The serial number of this aircraft is 20-0001.

America will buy 76 F-15 EX

Boeing will build and deliver 8 planes in the first phase of the $ 23 billion deal announced on July 13, 2020 by the US Air Force. These 8 devices are valued at around $ 1.2 billion. The US Air Force demanded money to purchase the remaining 12 F15 EX aircraft. The US Air Force is working on a plan to purchase 76 F-15 EX aircraft over the next five years.

Video of the first flight of an F-15 EX aircraft

The F-15EX can beat any fighter jet

The F-15EX fighter plane is the updated version of the United States’ F-15E Strike Eagle. Which was prepared by Boeing Defense Space and Security in conjunction with aerospace company McDonnell Douglas on December 11, 1986, 34 years ago. About two years later, the first aircraft of the F-15E entered service on September 30, 1989 with the US Air Force. There is no cut-off of this fighter plane in the event of an air-to-air blow. Due to its aerodynamic design, it is considered the best of the multirole aircraft lineup.

Different variants of F-15 are in the air force of these countries included

Different variants of the F-15 are in the air force of many countries. There are 210 F-15ES fighter jets deployed in the US Air Force. As of January 2014, the Israeli Air Force consists of 25 F-15I fighter jets. Apart from this, F-15K 59 planes are also deployed to the South Korean Air Force from 2019. The Qatar Air Force has also ordered 36 F-16Qs. The Saudi Air Force has also deployed 70 F-15S Eagle aircraft since 2014, while 84 F-15SAs are awaiting orders. The Singapore Air Force also includes 70 F-15SG fighter jets.

The F-15 chased 100 enemy planes

Boeing says the F-15 fighter jet has so far targeted more than 100 enemy planes in several wars. However, so far during the war no F-15s have fallen victim to enemy aviation. The US Air Force says the F-15EX fighter jet is different from its old version in all respects. The F-15EX takes a heavy toll on enemy aircraft due to the new fly-by-wire flight control, a new electronic warfare system, and advanced cockpit systems.

What is the difference between F-15EX and Rafael and Sukhoi

The F-15 EX is much larger than the Rafale in terms of weight and texture. The maximum weight of the F-15EX is around 36 tons, which is roughly equivalent to the Su-30MKI. The Sukhoi SU-30 MKI fighter plane is considered the backbone of the Indian Air Force. Boeing claims the F-15EX can fly with weapons and fuel weighing over 13 tonnes, while the Rafale has a capacity of 9.5 tonnes. Boeing also claims that an F-15 EX can carry 22 air-to-air missiles, the tallest of any fighter ever built.

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