F-16 fighter plane: flying live missiles near China air-to-air missiles near China See photos: US Air Force F-16 fighter jets flew near China with missiles air-to-air

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US Air Force F-16 fighters flew near China equipped with live air-to-air missiles
America’s aggressive strategy has caused panic around the world amid mounting tensions with China in the South China Sea. The image of four US Air Force F-16 fighter jets goes viral on social media. In which many deadly missiles are ready to be launched on the four planes. Until now, the United States had not flown armed fighters so close to China. A few days ago, a US Navy warship arrived very close to the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning.

American fighter jets were equipped with dangerous missiles
As reported by The Drive, photos of these F-16 fighters were taken while landing at Yokota Air Base in Japan. It is also an important air base for the Indo-Pacific fleet of the US Air Force. Based on the photographs, it was confirmed that these American fighter jets were equipped with live missiles dangerous for air-to-air operations.

Could give proper response to any provocation from China
These photos were posted by Viper Photos, which Lori captured in her camera. According to which, each F-60 fighter aircraft is seen with five Beyond Visual Range AIM-120C-7 AMRAAM air-to-air missiles. Apart from these, a short-range AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missile was also deployed on these ships. The AIM-9X Sidewinder, an improved version of the AIM-9 Sidewinder, is also visible on some ships.

Electronic attack also does not affect
AN / ALQ-184 Electronic Countermeasures Auto-electronic modules are also visible under each of these fighter jets. These pods provide aircraft protection against enemy radar jamming and electronic attacks. China has a number of radars that can ground enemy fighter jets’ machines in the air without a missile. To avoid this, electronic prototype equipment is installed in the hunters.

US teases China again, exercises with aircraft carriers and amphibious warships
America activated the Seventh Fleet
The United States has deployed a United States Navy Seventh Fleet in the South China Sea region, which continues to patrol the Indian Ocean and surrounding areas. The warships of this fleet also engage in maneuvers with 35 countries to promote maritime security in the region and prevent conflict. Just days ago, two American strike groups led a maneuver in the disputed South China Sea area. It was followed by the aircraft carriers USS Theodore Roosevelt and Makin Island Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) as well as their entire carrier strike group.

USS Ohio also patrolling 154 tomahawk
The United States has deployed its largest nuclear submarine, the USS Ohio, near China. The submarine is deployed with long-range missiles, which can attack in any corner of the world. As large in size, the USS Ohio deploys 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles. This capability is double the number of missiles deployed in the US guided missile destroyer. Each Tomahawk missile is capable of carrying up to 1000 kg of highly explosive warheads. The missile, which has been deployed in the US military since 1983, has shown its strength in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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