F-35 UAE: F-35 deal with UAE Why the United States is canceling the sale: Why America canceled the agreement on F-35 fighter jets

The United States is under tension over the intensification of military ties between the United Arab Emirates and China. We see him accompanying his important enemy partner of the Gulf country, China. It is claimed that this is the reason Joe Biden canceled the F-35 fighter jet deal with the United Arab Emirates shortly after taking office. The United States is concerned that China may not be able to acquire the technology for the world’s most modern F-35 aircraft.

So America won’t sell Gulf F-35s?
In April of this year, the United States and the United Arab Emirates agreed to review the F-35 deal. However, the Pentagon has made it clear that even if the deal is finalized, the UAE will not be awarded this aircraft for the next several years. The United States, the United Arab Emirates and China have reportedly been forced to take strict action due to growing defense ties.

A number of Chinese military planes have been sighted in the United Arab Emirates
According to a Wall Street Journal report, U.S. officials fear that $ 23 billion in arms sales to Abu Dhabi may be at risk due to the growing relationship between the UAE and China. It also indicates that US intelligence agencies have detected several thefts of military transport between the United Arab Emirates and China. It is reported that in recent months, several Chinese People’s Liberation Army planes have landed at an airport in the United Arab Emirates.

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America requested technical guarantee from UAE
According to the report, the Biden administration is seeking a guarantee from the UAE that it will not allow China access to US arms if sales continue. The United States knows that if the United Arab Emirates is sold the world’s most sophisticated aircraft like the F-35, China will certainly try to get its tech and technology. If China is successful in this area, it will be no less than any of the United States.

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How did the United States agree to sell the United Arab Emirates to the F-35?
The agreement on F-35 fighter jets between the United States and the United Arab Emirates was signed during the last year of former President Donald Trump’s tenure. The UAE sorely needs this fighter jet to protect their country. In such a situation, Trump saw the opportunity to establish diplomatic relations with Israel. This was followed by a historic agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, known as Abraham Akard.

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F-35 can perform vertical takeoff and landing
American-made F-35 fighter jets are equipped with vertical take-off and landing technology. The American Air Force F-35 fighter plane weighs approximately 25 tons. The construction program for this aircraft was initiated to replace hundreds of aging US Air Force F-16 aircraft. An F-35 fighter jet, including an engine, costs around $ 100 million. In Indian rupees, this price will amount to around 724 crore.

Maintenance is so expensive it’s compared to Ferrari
Being so expensive, the maintenance or servicing of F-35 fighter jets is also very expensive. It has many high tech devices that need to be replaced after hours of a certain flight. Due to which the major part of the budget of the air force is devoted to its maintenance. Dan Ward, a former Air Force program director and author of popular trade books including The Simplicity Cycle, said the F-35 was not a low-cost light fighter. The F-35 is a Ferrari.

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