F-35A fighter jet: US fired ‘atomic bomb’ from F-35A fighter jet, China panics

The United States trained to fire atomic bombs from its F-35A stealth technical fighter aircraft. The US Air Force (USAF) has also released a video of the B61-12 atomic bomb falling from its fighter plane. Since then, China, the number one enemy of the United States, has panicked. In an article posted on the Chinese military’s official website,, CN, Dragon expressed serious concerns about this test.

Chinese military fears US nuclear power
The Chinese military said in this article that after this test, the United States will have the strength to carry out a nuclear attack. The US military is developing small nuclear bombs these days. Who specializes in marksmanship. This would give the US military the strength to respond effectively against the enemy at sea, in the air or on land. The F-36A fighter plane quickly caught no radar. This would facilitate infiltration against the US advanced combat capability and advanced air defense systems.

America is developing small nuclear bombs
The Chinese military claimed that in the 2020 US defense budget, 8.3% more money was allocated to developing small nuclear bombs. For this reason, the US military is developing a series of B-61 nuclear bombs these days. Many variants of the B-61 are used in the US military. Many of them are also those in which nuclear weapons can be installed if necessary. While atomic elements are not conserved during testing.

There will be a huge increase in America’s strategic power
Dragon expressed concern that if the F-35 fighter jet is capable of carrying out a nuclear attack, it will greatly increase America’s strategic capability. For this reason, it will also become easier for the US military to conduct strategic nuclear strikes. The American craze for the use of nuclear weapons will again start a nuclear race among other countries. This will not only render nuclear disarmament programs unnecessary, but will also increase the risk of nuclear conflicts.
America did this test on August 25
According to the recently released report, the United States carried out this nuclear test on August 25 of this year at the Tonopah proving ground in Nevada. Many US experts have called this test a major milestone in the deployment of nuclear weapons by the US military. During this test, a B61-12 atomic bomb made of non-radiating material was dropped on a simulated target via an American F-35A fighter plane.

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