Face-to-face and online events added to WellWo’s workplace health and wellness platform services

Face-to-face and online events added to WellWo’s workplace health and wellness platform services

The Healthy platform provides companies with the possibility of organizing courses and educational talks on health topics such as physical activity, ergonomics, nutrition or psychology, among others.

BY RRHHDigital, 04:15 – 23 June 2021

Corporate events help improve brand reputation and add value to the business. It is a very effective instrument of internal communication, promoting interpersonal relationships. It improves employee motivation, because the employee sees it as a gift from his company, an opportunity to break the work routine and to learn. And motivation is synonymous with a more satisfied and productive team.

During the pandemic, many businesses had to cancel scheduled face-to-face events, due to the inability to hold meetings safely. The upward trend during this period was to implement virtual events as an effective alternative to this case. And, online events have proven to be a great ally for businesses.

WellWo, the workplace health and wellness platform, has offered since its inception the ability to organize in-person events in any company. And, before the covid-19 pandemic, they were already predicting the potential of the online format and, in turn, offered companies the flexibility to choose virtual events based on their needs and preferences.

WellWo has organized online events on different topics, within the framework of health and wellness. Ergonomics sessions at work to improve posture and reduce injuries, Pilates classes to be more aware of movement and avoid ailments, nutrition talks to learn more about our diet or psychology, where topics such as coping with situations difficult or daily stress were addressed. .

Healthy events are a way to actively involve workers in their health care, a company commitment to the employee, to promote healthy habits within the team that help them in their work and personal life . In short, a way to have healthier, happier employees and, therefore, a company with values, more productive and with less absenteeism.

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