Face-to-face events are gaining ground and already affect 50% of those organized by companies

Face-to-face events are gaining ground and already affect 50% of those organized by companies

Vaccination in Spain has accelerated and the rate has overtaken countries like France, the United Kingdom and the United States, according to data from Our World in Data. June’s record surpassed 650,000 doses in 24 hours. 25% of the population has already received the full immunization schedule and public organizations and businesses are already planning the de-escalation.

At the same time as the government is considering an end to outdoor masks, companies are organizing a flexible return-to-office and telecommuting policy. Thanks to vaccination, experts predict that Covid-19 will become an “endemic” virus, it will not disappear but it will not have as much risk.

This return to face-to-face also extends to corporate events. During the month of June, Belong to Sea, a startup that develops activities promoting sustainability, saw how companies are encouraging each other to recover small and medium-scale face-to-face shares. According to its founders, requests are 50% for online activities and 50% for offline activities.

“We saw that a demand for face-to-face events started tentatively. After months of seeing themselves only through screens, businesses are starting to see face-to-face activities as a good option to make up for lost time. , joining in activities that are professional and also fun, ”says Mara Coll Muoz, co-CEO of Belong to Sea.

The pandemic has left its mark. While teleworking and online activities continue, face-to-face attendance both at events and daily at the office is resuming or tending to normalize. In this scenario, hybrid stocks, combining offline and online, start to have more relevance. Companies are already combining face-to-face days with telecommuting days and online and in-person team building exercises.

In terms of sustainability, it also relies on this tandem. Belong to Sea has developed hybrid plans that combine the use of its environmental awareness platform with face-to-face events. The goal is to generate commitment and learn to lead an environmentally committed life that begins at work and at home. This Barcelona startup bases a large part of its activities on gamification.

“We want companies to talk, discuss and tackle sustainability. Each member of a team can contribute great ideas that help us implement sustainable habits. Sharing them inspires others to join and include them in their daily lives. and in events, we offer different contents that develop creativity, teamwork, cohesion on the basis of subjects such as knowing the environmental situation in which the planet finds itself, how we can improve it and how to start to change certain habits of our daily lives “, explains Cristina Arenas, co-CEO of Belong to Sea.

These online and offline adventures will encourage the team to come together to overcome challenges that promote communication and awareness. “The idea is to teach and learn, to share sustainable initiatives, to convince skeptics, to know the damage that the planet is suffering but also how to stop it and how to minimize our footprint. This hybrid of activities ensures fun, encourages creativity and encourages development. emotional well-being, while promoting learning and training in sustainable development, ”say the entrepreneurs.

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of taking care of the environment. Belong to sea works on the basic pillars of sustainability, the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – to then reconnect and find the connection with nature, something so important for humans and health.

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