Facebook Australia deal: Facebook Australia deal: Facebook releases deal with Australia on relaxing news ban – Facebook reaches deal with Australia to revoke news ban

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Facebook’s ban on posting news in Australia has now been relaxed. Facebook said it would allow its users to post the information slowly. Facebook has decided to lift the ban as part of a deal with the Australian government.
Facebook’s ban on posting news in Australia has now become loose. Facebook has announced that it will allow its users to publish the news gradually over the next few days, following the harsh stance from the Australian government and some changes to the bill. It is believed that Facebook decided to lift the ban as part of a deal with the Australian government.

“We are very happy to have reached an agreement with the Australian government,” said William Euston, Facebook director for Australia and New Zealand. He said that there had been a constructive dialogue with a view to lifting this ban. “We have supported a framework that enhances innovation and collaboration between online platforms and publishers,” said Iston.
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‘We have accepted many changes to the Australian government’
Iston said: “After further negotiations we have agreed with the Australian government on several changes and guarantees. Thanks to these changes we can now invest more in public journalism and in the coming days we will remove the Facebook ban on Australians. Earlier, the Prime Minister of Australia spoke with the Prime Minister of India and Canada to challenge Facebook.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Friday asked Facebook to lift the ban on Australian users and start talks with companies that publish information. Along with this, he also warned that other countries could also follow their government’s measures to collect fees from digital companies in exchange for sharing information. Morrison said he spoke with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday about the Facebook controversy.
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“ Also talk about a bill with Great Britain, Canada and France ”
Morrison said he was also in discussions with the leaders of Britain, Canada and France about this Australian bill. He said: “A lot of countries are interested in what Australia is doing. So I invite Facebook to speak constructively, as does Google, because they know many western countries can follow what Australia is going to do here.

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