Facebook freezes Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s page for Covid disinformation: Corona virus disinformation, Venezuelan president’s Facebook page block

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Facebook is shutting down the Venezuelan president’s page after spreading false information about the Corona virus. Maduro described Carvativir celery as a miracle drug for the pandemic. Follow the carcass
Facebook closed the page of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro for disinformation about the Corona virus. Previously, Maduro had described Carvativir celery as a miracle drug for the epidemic. The Facebook spokesperson said we were following the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). According to the WHO, there are no drugs against the corona virus yet.

Maduro claimed, without any medical evidence, that Carvativir was miraculous in the fight against the drug Corona virus. The Facebook spokesperson said that due to repeated rule violations, we are blocking the Venezuelan president’s account for 30 days. During this time, his account cannot be read.

President of Venezuela sharply criticized Facebook
The Facebook spokesperson also said that Maduro’s controversial video was removed for violating the rules regarding the corona virus. This video could have put people’s lives in danger. In this video, Maduro claimed that the corona miraculously ends with just a few drops on the tongue of the drug Carvativir and that there is no side effect.

The president of Venezuela has already strongly criticized Facebook for Carvativir. He said who is in charge of Venezuela, me or WHO? Who owns Facebook? Who is in charge of the world? Does he own Facebook? Venezuela’s information ministry has not commented on the blocking of President Maduro’s page.

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