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Facebook’s major action, former US President Donald Trump’s account suspended for two years, find out what the reason is

New Delhi. Former US President Donald Trump’s Facebook account has been suspended for two years. The social networking platform Facebook has taken this step in the case of inciting violence against the former US president.

The company says its investigation has found that it instigated the violence before the January 6 attack on the Capitol building. Trump has also reacted to Facebook’s decision, calling it an insult to the American people who voted for him.

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The suspension will be valid from January 2021
According to Facebook, the suspension of former US President Donald Trump’s FB account will take effect from January 7. Which will run until 6 January 2023.

In fact, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also plans to end the controversial policy in which leaders themselves escaped the rules of hate crime. However, the company said the policy never applied to Trump.

Let me tell you that earlier in January, during the capital riots, Donald Trump’s Twitter, YouTube account was suspended for a few days.

Trump said this is an insult to America
The former US president said the two-year ban imposed on his account by Facebook was an insult to voters.

He said Facebook’s decision was an insult to the 75 million voters who voted for him in the U.S. Cast his valuable vote in the presidential election.

Trump attacked China again
Former US President Donald Trump remains in the headlines even after leaving office. He recently attacked China, saying that people around the world are now beginning to believe that what I said about Corona is true.
Trump once again blamed China for spreading corona around the world and called on China to compensate the world for the damage caused by the virus.

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Investigations against Facebook began in these countries
Investigations are now underway in some countries against social media company Facebook. In fact, European Union (EU) and UK regulators have launched an investigation against Facebook for violating the rules of competition in the classified advertising market.

In the investigation, it will be investigated whether the company has used the data obtained by the competitive services to spoil the competition.

America Facebook Donald Trump Facebook Donald Trump Facebook Account Suspended Capital Hill

America Facebook Donald Trump Facebook Donald Trump Facebook Account Suspended Capital Hill

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