Facebook News ban in Australia: Facebook bans broadcasting news in Australia, its own page also blocked, emergency services affected

In Australia, Facebook has banned posting of information to all news websites, furious at the law of paying money to distribute information in Australia. This Facebook ban is the responsibility of the weather forecast, the state health department and Western Australian opposition leaders. Not only that, Facebook has also blocked its own page in Australia. This Facebook ban seriously affected the emergency services.

Facebook is said to have stopped posting news on Australian news websites as of Thursday morning. Not only that, Facebook has banned Australian users from opening news of any news website, domestic or foreign. Facebook has said about the ban that it is banning it in opposition to the law passed in the Senate. This law states that Facebook and Google will talk to news companies to pay money.

Dozens of pages of government agencies banned
Facebook only targeted Australian news publishers, but it reached dozens of pages operated by government agencies. These pages have been blocked for several hours. Australia’s Meteorological Department said Thursday their page had been blocked. The ministry has advised people to visit their website, app, or Twitter page. Earlier, the Australian government said on Tuesday that the bills would be amended to make it clear that Google and Facebook would pay publishers a lump sum instead of clicking on news links.

A government statement described these legislative changes as “technical clarifications and changes”. Over the weekend, Australian ministers held talks with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Alphabet Inc and CEO of his Google company Sundar Pichai. Australia’s Conservative government hopes to implement the “News Media Bargaining Code” (News Media Bargaining Code) before the end of the current session of Parliament on February 25.

Google and Facebook condemned the bill
Google and Facebook, which hold 81% of online advertising shares in Australia, have condemned the bill. Google threatened to shut down its search engine (Google) in Australia if this bill was introduced. Facebook also threatened that Australian publishers would not be allowed to share the news if they were forced to pay for the news. Facebook has now implemented this threat.

The legislation aims to shatter the digital giant’s trading spotlight and become an arbitration committee empowered to adopt a legally binding price ruling. their. This will prevent digital platforms and media companies from making unrealistic demands. Along with the lump sum payment to publishers for arbitration, the new amendments will also make it clear that the committee will also factor in the costs of digital forums and information activities.

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