Facebook returns to the Microsoft Store as a progressive web app

Facebook’s fame has changed a lot over the years. Those in Menlo Park have seen how much Facebook usage has declined, but they will still have Instagram or WhatsApp.

Now we find the renewed Facebook application. An app that abandons the use of React Native technology to become a progressive web app or PWA. Let’s see what that means.

Facebook presents its new PWA application

The app is a projection of its website adapted for Windows 10. Facebook users have taken advantage of the fact that Windows 10 will have a new Chromium-based webview called WebView2. This WebView considerably improves the speed of access to this social network.

The news is that we now have an app with the updated interface of the new Facebook image and that has a theme that adapts to the one we have in Windows 10. In addition, it supports native notifications and we can use it, in general, like another application.

There will be those who will criticize this movement considering that the PWA does not have the same validity as a native application. The reality is that Facebook has never made great apps on Windows 10 and so we guarantee better quality. The Facebook site, although overloaded, works very well.

We will see what happens with other company applications like Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp. They have several open fronts to deliver better quality in Windows 10. Otherwise, there is always the possibility that people will try to find alternatives to their services.

The topic of progressive web applications is a discussion I would give for several articles. There are those who see the decline of applications in this technology and those who see the opportunity to deliver a great app by having a great website. PWAs are here to stay, it seems.

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