Facebook turning off news in Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison angry: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison rages on Facebook for shutting down media institutions page

Strong points:

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison Morrison, furious at Facebook’s action, said: – Tech companies are starting to see themselves as above the country.
The ongoing dispute between the Australian government and Facebook continues to escalate. In fact, Facebook opposes the law to donate money to Australian news. For this reason, on Thursday morning, this social media platform blocked the Facebook page of all Australian media organizations. After which, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that Facebook had attacked the sovereignty of the country.

Australian PM commented
Scott Morrison said the move made tech companies feel like they were bigger than governments and the rule shouldn’t apply to them. Prime Minister Morrison has said the act of banning the Health and Emergency Services Facebook page is boastful and disappointing. Many other Australian leaders have criticized Facebook, calling it an attack on a sovereign nation and abuse of power. Since then, the delete Facebook hashtah (#DeleteFacebook) has been trending across Australia.

Morrison said – we won’t be afraid of these tech companies
Morrison said Facebook’s action today will increase the number of countries that fear the behavior of these big tech companies. They can change the world, but that doesn’t mean they run it. We will not be intimidated by these big tech companies trying to put pressure on our Parliament.

Ministers attacked a sovereign nation
Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt said the move was an attack on a sovereign nation and an attack on the freedom of the people. Facebook has taken unprecedented and reprehensible measures in a democracy, are unacceptable and abuse their power. Australian Finance Minister Josh Friedenberg is in talks with Facebook on the matter. He said Facebook had done wrong, such actions were not necessary. Facebook has a large number of users in Australia, which damages their reputation.

Which law is opposed to Facebook-Google
Facebook and Google oppose a law called The News Media Bargaining Code of Australia. When this bill is passed by the Australian Parliament, these technology companies will have to share a portion of the revenue from the use of information with the media companies. Facebook and Google oppose it, saying it is useless and could unfairly harm their businesses.

Facebook has banned posting of news in Australia, its own page also blocked, emergency services affected
Dozens of pages of government agencies banned
Facebook only targeted Australian news publishers, but it reached dozens of pages operated by government agencies. These pages have been blocked for several hours. Australia’s Meteorological Department said Thursday their page had been blocked. The ministry has advised people to visit their website, app, or Twitter page. Earlier, the Australian government said on Tuesday that the bills would be amended to make it clear that Google and Facebook would pay publishers a lump sum instead of clicking on news links.

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