Facebook’s Zona presents the II Extraordinary Awards

This week, Facebook’s Extraordinary Zone II Awards were presented, recognizing the efforts of rural entrepreneurs. Elena Rodrguez from “Huerto de los Tulipanes” (Burgos), Beatriz Lara from “UMAI” (Abla, Almera) and Ana Mara Parra from “EcoAventureras” (Antas, Almera) received the first, second and third prize respectively.

Zona de Facebook and Fundacin Cibervoluntarios wanted to virtually celebrate this second edition and maintain their commitment to support and train rural women entrepreneurs from all over Spain in digital transformation, in a difficult year where digital tools have been essential for small businesses. Thanks to the Extraordinary program, 2,845 women have been trained to date through 266 workshops.

The ten finalist projects of Extraordinary showed the diversity and creativity of female entrepreneurship, since they include, among others, activities such as: mental health, tourism and sustainable art, agriculture, specialized trade, photography, gastronomy, crafts or the prevention of social exclusion.

On February 24, the ten finalist entrepreneurs received high impact training on digital marketing and other key skills to boost their businesses. Today, all presented and defended their projects through videos presented during the online event, which were evaluated by a multidisciplinary jury composed of: Roco Wojski Prez, Deputy Director General of Innovation and Digitization ; Francesc Xavier Boya, Secretary General of the Demographic Challenge of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.

Hlne Verbrugghe, public affairs manager for Facebook in Spain and Portugal; Yolanda Rueda, founder and president of Fundacin Cibervoluntarios and Teresa Lpez, president of Fademur.

In addition to the recognition of their projects, the three winners, Elena Rodríguez, Beatriz Lara and Ana Mara Parra, received a Portal, an innovative device developed by Facebook that also allows high-quality video calls via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. how to integrate with other workplace applications such as Workplace.

And to help them all continue to develop their projects, they will now benefit from personalized coaching aimed at managing their company’s social media channels. The Facebook Zone will also give visibility to the ten projects via the Facebook channels.

“It is inspiring to see how many rural women have continued to undertake, despite the hardships of 2020, as the ten finalists that we have this year at extraordinary awards. However, on Facebook we are aware that there is still a digital skills gap in Spain and, therefore, we maintain our commitment to train these entrepreneurs and help them give visibility to their businesses so that they can reach corners of all Spain ”, assures Hlne Verbrugghe, head of public affairs for Facebook in Spain and Portugal.

In the words of Yolanda Rueda, president of Fundacin Cibervoluntarios: “This project demonstrates how technology can be a lever for change which in this case allows, thanks to the training received in digital marketing, that hundreds of women entrepreneurs in rural areas have the opportunity to boost their businesses, boost the local economy and make it more sustainable and scalable.

Extraordinarias is part of the Women 360 cross-cutting initiative, one of Facebook’s three pillars of Zona, aimed at empowering women in society from multiple angles, promoting diversity and equal opportunities.

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