FactorW 5th Edition Presents Revolutionary Staging in the COVID Era

FactorW 5th Edition Presents Revolutionary Staging in the COVID Era

INTRAMA, a human resources consulting firm specializing in training, consulting and organizing professional events on diversity and inclusion, is organizing the 5th edition of the FactorW Diversity Summit in virtual format on November 11 and 12, 2020. One new type of congress which adapts to new times and reaches an even greater number of people.

FactorW Diversity Summit, already consolidated as the largest national conference on diversity and inclusion, has also become the main reference space in this area of ​​business. A professional congress intended mainly for the fields of human resources, CSR, CSR, diversity, equality, inclusion, marketing, communication and management in general, private companies and public institutions.

The objective of the congress is to provide participants with tools to optimize the correct management of diversity, from a global perspective, by going around its multiple aspects: gender, generational, cultural, different capacities and LGBTI. In it, he delves into areas such as inclusive communication, unconscious bias or inclusive leadership, showing the benefits this brings to the organization on human capital and the income statement.

On this occasion, we will have an innovative and avant-garde staging which is structured in opinion tables, Business Case, specific D&I Presentations and complementary activities carried out at the Congress, exposed by CEOs, senior executives and experts in the field. .

The event is sponsored by companies from different sectors, which show their commitment to diversity and inclusion:

Premium Sponsors: SAP, Naturgy, Correos, Ilunion, Schneider Electric, Zurich and KPMG. Silver Sponsors: Adidas, Axa, Banco Santander, Generali and Sodexo

FactorW 2020 Diversity Summit

DAY 11 (9:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.)

Presentation of the VariableD’20 report: study that brings together TOP30 companies in Spain with best practices in D&I. Panel: Global vision of diversity. Vision of CEOs, Presidents and Directors


· Presentation: Inclusive leadership and management of diverse teams.

Panel: Impact of gender diversity. TOP Gender Diversity Company award ceremony. Exhibition of the award-winning company’s best practices in gender diversity Presentation of the TOP Disability Diversity Company award. Exhibition of the best practices of the company awarded in the panel on the diversity of people with disabilities: importance of generational diversity Presentation of the TOP Generation Diversity award. Exhibition of the award-winning company’s best practices in generational diversity.

DAY 12 (9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.)

Presentation: Inclusive communication. Presentation of the TOP LGBTI Diversity Award. Exhibition of the award-winning company’s best practices in LGBTI diversity. Award ceremony for professional diversity. Presentation: Impact and management of diversity in the new reality. Presentation: Unconscious bias Presentation of the TOP cultural diversity prize. Exhibition of the award-winning company’s best practices in cultural diversity. Woman Inspire Award ceremony. Presentation: The importance of women in management positions. Official presentation of EDM: Expert Diversity Management, the first course that certifies users as an Expert in Diversity Management in the company.

· Panel: Impact of LGBTI diversity.

· Panel: Vision of cultural diversity.

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