faithful dog find owner’s house: a faithful dog reached owner after wandering 60 km after wandering for 26 days – china faithful dog dou dou walks 60 km in 26 days to find owner’s house

Dogs are said to be humans’ best friends and another example of this is in China. In China, a dog wandered around looking for its owner for 26 days, and finally, after traveling 37 miles, its search was over. In fact, the dog’s owner mistakenly forgot it at a gas station. This seven year old dog is called Douu Douu.

When the dog arrived home after a month of heavy traffic and a busy highway for about a month, he was very weak and completely stained with dust. According to the Chinese government newspaper Qianjiang Evening News, Qi and her family live in Hangzhou, in eastern China, and last month they drove to the countryside.

The family also brought their dog Dow Dow with them. This dog has lived with them for seven years. During the long journey, the family stopped for a break at the Tong Lu gas station, which is about 60 km from their home. Q said they sensed the dog was inside the car and returned to look after their young child.

Several hours after arriving from there, he remembered that the dog was not at home. Qi’s family returned to the gas station and sat for two hours waiting for the dog to return, but he was not found. The family then assumed that the dog would not return. He said about a month after this incident he found out that a dirty little dog was present at his door. Their amazement is not limited to seeing the dog. In fact, it was his lost dog. The family is very happy to find the dog.

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