fake covid-19 vaccine: a fake corona vaccine given to 70,000 people in this country, billed for 3,300 rupees – Ecuador closed a clinic in Quito that injected 70,000 fake covid-19 vaccine

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Fake Corona vaccine revealed in South American country of Ecuador; Rs. 3300 rupees recovered for three doses of fake Corona vaccine applied to 70,000 people in Quito, Sealquito police
In the world suffering from the corona virus epidemic, there is a fierce battle to get the vaccine right now. Every country wants to bring the vaccine to its citizens as soon as possible. Meanwhile, in the South American country of Ecuador, the case of the application of a fake corona vaccine to around 70,000 people has been revealed. A private clinic with vaccine applied three doses to people for complete protection. In which around 1100 rupees ($ 15) was charged for a dose.

A fake vaccine in the capital itself
According to Time’s report, the case is that of Quito, the capital of Ecuador. Quito Police Security Chief Cesare Diaz said in his statement that the clinic charges around $ 15 for administering a dose of an unknown substance to people. People were told that after receiving three injections of this vaccine, they would become immune to the corona virus.

Fake vaccine given to 70,000 people
The police also recorded the statements of those who received false doses of the vaccine at the center. Police said about 70,000 people received fake doses of the vaccine. The police sealed off the center and apprehended the accused. However, the owner of this clinic claimed that he was giving people a dose of vitamins and serum instead of the vaccine to boost immunity.

Ecuador is the Corona hotspot in South America
Ecuador remains a hot spot for the corona virus across the South American continent. In this country, 14,668 deaths have occurred so far due to infection with the corona virus, while 242,146 people have been infected. Ecuador has approved the Corona vaccine from Pfizer and AstraZeneca. Whereas the Ministry of Health announced here a free dose of Corona vaccine to all adults in the country by the end of this year.

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