“Family members say they should rest where they were buried”


Publication: Monday 15 March 2021 18:22

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has closed the door to repatriate the remains of the last President of the Second Republic, Manuel Azaña, who is buried in the French town of Montauban.

This was announced by the executive leader after meeting French President Emmanuel Macron during a bilateral summit between the two countries in this city.

“The President of the Republic is part of the history shared between France and Spain and I believe that those close to Azana share the fact that the president’s remains must rest where they were buried,” Sánchez stressed. .

Sánchez, who was the first head of the Spanish government to visit the tomb of the last Republican head of state in exile, thus refused to return Azaña’s body to Spain, a door opened by the first vice-president and head of the democratic executive. Thesis., Carmen Calvo.

“If it were up to us, yes,” Calvo said in an interview with ‘Al Rojo Vivo’ last December.

“It is the image of a great country like ours, which is able to recognize its democratic memory in the figure of the President of the Republic with the sadness that it means for our country to have to remember how his coffin comes out with the flag of Mexico and not with that of Spain because the dictatorship did not allow it. It was impeccably neutral “, he explained about the presence of King Felipe VI in an act of homage to the Republican .

However, Sánchez does not limit himself to claiming the republican figure “within the framework of the parliamentary debate”, although he does not envisage “that the remains of Azaña return to Spain”.

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