farewell 600 million European aid and funds

The electoral advance in the Community of Madrid, beyond the political earthquake it caused and the legal disorder due to the censure motions that can stop it, will also have economic consequences in the region. And it will do it in two ways with millionaire figures: the 600 million that the regional executive has proposed to allocate in aid and in European funds.

The budgets of the Community of Madrid, the first of the coalition government of the PP and the Cs, were going to be announced yesterday, but now they are declining due to the advancement of the electoral nomination and with it these millionaire figures are dropping. As laSexta learned from regional government sources, the project envisaged these 600 million intended for companies, SMEs, the self-employed and active employment policies: in particular, to save workers immersed in a regulatory file. temporary employment (ERTE).

Now this budget is falling and there is no time to prepare the accounts for this year, delaying the economic momentum until 2022.

The so-called Alondra project has also sought to speed up the granting process, by halving the delays. The 600 million were intended to cover three fronts: 235 million euros in direct aid to trade, industrial SMEs, hotels and restaurants and a non-refundable payment to the self-employed.

On the other hand, 113 million euros were allocated to active employment policies to withdraw workers from the ERTE and for the unemployed due to the pandemic.

And finally, 248 million have been created for training, to encourage the hiring or internationalization of small businesses.

But the 600 million are not the only ones in danger: also the Madrid quota of 150,000 million who will come from Europe to Spain. The central government must submit candidate projects for recovery and resilience funds by April 30. That is to say that in this temporary situation, Madrid would be out of time to aspire to European mana. Europe must approve these projects before June 30 and the constitutive session of the Assembly will take place on June 8, in accordance with the convening decree.

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