Farewell to Daniel Craig as 007 and four more movies to watch this weekend

No Time to Die is a classic action film that circulates at the speed of a highway, in a big way, with sequences as spectacular as the motorized chase that opens the film or characters as delicious as the one played by Ana de Armas. The Romanian film Malmkrog, based on The three dialogues and the story of the Antichrist , an essay from the end of the 19th century, lasts three hours and twenty minutes in which his characters barely stop talking about the deepest issues with a monotone rhythm.

In Paul Verhoeven’s latest film, Benedetta, there is depravity, sacrilege and provocation, but also desire, passion and love, always based on the ecstasy of the body, thanks to the Dutch director of 77 years. In the Spanish Mediterráneo, that tells the genesis of the NGO Open Arms, Marcel Barrena credibly shoots rescue sequences at sea, drowning and the fear of migrants, but where it shines the most it is in the individual decisions of its protagonists, represented with a cast that blurs the slips of the film. Finally, the remake of Guilty , with an Antoine Fuqua camera that sticks into the blue eyes of Jake Gyllenhaal and, what at first seems like a trap for the viewer, turns into a action thriller capable of keeping you on your toes.

The films have been reviewed by Elsa Fernández-Santos and Javier Ocaña.

Daniel Craig, en 'Sin tiempo para morir'.

No time to die

Bond has left the secret service enjoying a quiet life in Jamaica until his CIA friend, Felix Leiter, shows up to ask for his help

Imagen de 'Malmkrog', de Cristi Puiu.


A powerful landowner invites his friends from the high society to stay at his mansion in Malmkrog, Trans ilvania, to spend the end of the year holidays, but with each passing hour tensions increase

Virginie Efira, en 'Benedetta'.


In 17th century Italy, Benedetta Carlini arrives at the Pescia convent, in Tuscany, and claims to be able to perform miracles since she was young

Imagen de 'Mediterráneo'.


Two lifeguards travel to Lesbos shocked by the photograph of a drowned child in the waters of the Mediterranean, and when they arrive they collide with an overwhelming reality

Imagen de 'Malmkrog', de Cristi Puiu.

Jake Gyllenhaal, en 'Culpable'.


In a call center of the 911, an operator tries to save the caller from serious danger, but soon discovers that nothing is what it seems

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