Farmer Protest in India: Differences Growing Within Indian Community Over Farm Laws: Differences Between Indians Living Abroad Due To India’s Farm Laws Growing

A group of Indian Sikhs said some people in the Sydney countryside attacked them with a baseball bat and hammer, amid growing differences within the Australian Indian community over India’s farm laws. A group of strangers attacked the vehicle with a baseball bat, bats and a hammer on Sunday night in Harris Park, Sydney, according to 7 News Channel.

The channel quoted a victim as saying he surrounded the car from all four sides. The attackers could kill. The man believes he and his friends were targeted for wearing a turban. However, the cause of the attack could not be proven.

The incident was also captured on CCTV cameras. Four people got out of a car carrying a bat and a hammer. The victims fled from there but were hunted down and attacked again. The car was also damaged in the attack. According to the channel, police patrols have been stepped up and the culprits may be sent to the country as the administration wants to stop brawls between Indian groups in the streets of Sydney.

The channel said police spoke to community leaders and asked them to exercise restraint and the motive for the attack was being determined. Police are investigating whether the incident happened because of political differences and racial hatred. Suspicious people are also searched.

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