Farmers protest in India US response: America has talked about the farmers’ movement, the right to peaceful protest, but private investment is also needed – US response to farmer protests in India encourages dialogue for resolve disputes

The US State Department has reacted cautiously to the performance of farmers in India. The United States has said peaceful protests are a testament to any democracy, and the Supreme Court of India has also accepted it. The United States has said that we support negotiations in various parties to resolve disputes. Also improve the efficiency of Indian markets and welcome private sector investment.

The United States said the United States in general welcomes measures taken to improve the efficiency of Indian markets and attract large-scale private sector investment. We believe that uninterrupted access to information, including the Internet, is a fundamental right to freedom of expression. This is necessary proof for a successful democracy.

This statement from America came at a time when there is a large scale demonstration by farmers in India on the new agricultural laws. Recently, during the farmers’ protest, there was fierce violence in the capital Delhi. After the arrival of world pop star Rihanna, Greta Thunberg to support the performance of farmers, Indian personalities have also given an appropriate response.

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