farmers protest latest update: Sikhs protest strongly in US and Canada against India’s farm laws – farmers protest against latest update Sikhs protest in US and Canada against agricultural laws of India

Hundreds of Sikh Americans have held peaceful protest rallies in several cities across the United States to support Indian farmers protesting against new farm laws in India. A large convoy of protesters from various parts of California marched to the Indian Consulate in San Francisco disrupted traffic on the “Bay Bridge” on Saturday.

In addition, hundreds of protesters gathered in Indianapolis. Indiana resident protester Gurinder Singh Khalsa said, “Farmers are the soul of the country. We have to protect our soul. People all over the world, including many cities in the United States and Canada, have united against bills (laws) that would open up the Indian agricultural market to the private sector, which would allow large corporations to acquire independent farming communities and so The market price of crops will decline.

A day earlier, people from the Sikh-American community gathered in Chicago and a protest rally was held outside the Indian Embassy in Washington DC. Another rally is scheduled for Sunday. Sikh Americans kept posters like “No Farmers, No Food” and “Save the Farmers”. Sikh leader Darshan Singh Dar said: “It is not a request from the Indian government to withdraw the three laws, but it is our request.” It is noteworthy that farmers from Haryana, Punjab and other states have persisted in Delhi for the past 11 days to protest against the Indian government’s new farm laws.

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