Farmers protest updates: Kisan Agitation: Khalistani flag waved in London, slogans raised against Modi government – farmers protest updates Khalistani flags at demonstration against Indian High Commission in London, slogans against the government modi

Strong points:

Protesters hoisted in front of the Indian Embassy in London; anti-Indian Khalistani protests intensify the security of Indian embassies in the US, UK and Canada; police raise concerns over British embassy, ​​large number of forces stationed
Protesters supporting the peasant movement waved the Khalistani flag outside the Indian Embassy in London. Meanwhile, fierce slogans were also launched against the Modi government. Video of the incident has also surfaced in which protesters are seen hoisting the Khalistani flag. At the same time, another Modi sarkar was also heard shouting hi-hi slogans.

Protests continue in many countries
There are frequent demonstrations in Britain, the United States and Canada to protest against India’s peasant laws. After that, the Indian embassies also raised concerns about the security of their mission. Security at the Indian Embassy was beefed up by London police on Sunday at the request of the Indian Foreign Office. An additional Scotland Yard squad is deployed here.

British lawmakers opposed the Farmers Act
Two days ago, 36 UK MPs wrote a letter to the UK Foreign Secretary opposing India’s Farmers Act. In addition to Labor Party MPs of Punjabi descent, many MPs of Pakistani and British descent were also involved. He called on the British government to register a protest against these three peasant laws in front of India. However, there has been no official response to this letter from the UK government.

People from the Sikh community took to the streets in America
Hundreds of Sikh Americans have peacefully organized protest rallies in many cities across America to support Indian farmers. A large convoy of protesters from various parts of California marched to the Indian Consulate in San Francisco disrupted traffic on the “Bay Bridge” on Saturday. In addition, hundreds of protesters gathered in Indianapolis. A day earlier, people from the Sikh-American community gathered in Chicago and a protest rally was held outside the Indian Embassy in Washington DC.

Continuous rallies in Canada too
Many rallies are organized in Canada also concerning the farmers’ movement. A large number of members of the Sikh community are mobilizing to support the peasant movement in several large cities, including Toronto. Since then, the Indian mission in Canada has demanded additional security. This request was made following demonstrations in front of the Indian High Commission for the Khalistani and Pakistani elements. Protests are taking place outside the Indian High Commission in Ottawa, Canada, with opposition to agricultural laws in India. It scared the minds of people living on campus.

The UN Secretary General also supported the peasant movement
UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutarais said of the farmers’ protest in India that people have the right to organize peaceful protests and the authorities should let them. Secretary-General’s spokesperson Stephen Dujarric said on Friday that when it comes to India, I want to say what I have said to other people who raise these issues, … that … that people should act peacefully. Authority and authorities should let them do it.

India expressed strong objection to foreign interference
India strongly opposed the statements by several leaders, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and British MPs. India’s foreign ministry called it unnecessary interference in the country’s internal affairs. Foreign Affairs spokesman Anurag Shrivastava said a few days ago that we have seen some such comments regarding farmers in India based on misleading information. Such remarks are inappropriate, especially when they concern the internal affairs of a democratic country. It is better that diplomatic negotiations are not distorted for political ends.

Sikhs firmly protest in US and Canada against India’s farm laws

Letter of protest given to the Canadian Ambassador
India summoned Canada’s High Commissioner Nadir Patel on Friday and told him that remarks by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and some of the other leaders regarding the farmers’ movement amounted to unacceptable interference in the country’s internal affairs. The Foreign Office said the Canadian diplomat had also been told that if such activity continued, it would seriously damage bilateral relations.

Indian High Commission raised security concerns after Justin Trudeau statement, saying ‘radical activity has increased’

Farmers’ protest continues for 11 days
It is noteworthy that farmers from Haryana, Punjab and other states have persisted in Delhi for the past 11 days to protest against the Indian government’s new farm laws. Even after several rounds of negotiations with the government, no solution has been found regarding the law. The next government interaction with farmers is now offered on December 9.

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