Farmers protests: 36 UK MPs support farmers ‘movement, letter written to put pressure on India – 36 UK MPs write to UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab on farmers’ protests in India

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36 British MPs support the Indian peasant movement; letter to British Foreign Secretary, plea to speak to India: protest for British Sikhs and Punjabis
36 British MPs jumped in favor of the peasant movement underway in India. 36 British MPs, led by Labor MP Tanmanjit Singh Dhesi, wrote a letter to Commonwealth Secretary Dominic Raab. In this letter, MPs called for pressure on India against the Farmers Act. The MP faction called on Dominic Robb to speak to the Indian government through the support of Sikh farmers in Punjab and abroad and the Commonwealth office.

This was written in a letter against the Farmers Act
Tanmanjit Singh said last month many MPs wrote to you and the Indian High Commission in London about the effects of three new Indian laws on the exploitation of farmers and those who depend on it. Agriculture. There are numerous protests by farmers across the country against the Indian government’s inability to protect farmers from the farm and ensure a fair price for their produce in the three new farm laws introduced despite the Corona virus.

Concern for British Sikhs
This is of particular concern to Sikhs in Great Britain and those associated with the Punjab. However, this law also overshadows other Indian states. Many British Sikhs and Punjabis have raised the issue with their MPs. Because they are directly influenced by family members and their ancestral lands in Punjab. Many farmers have relied on agriculture as a bread basket for India.

Mentioned the impact of agriculture in Punjab
About three quarters of the Punjab’s 30 million people are involved in agriculture. Therefore, the new laws have been presented as a major problem for the Punjab. The Punjabi farming community is recognized as the backbone of the state’s economic structure. Therefore, the concerns of farmers have a powerful influence on policy at the state and national levels.

Sikh members had a virtual meeting
On this law, on November 28, Tanmanjit Singh also held a virtual meeting of the All Party Pearlry Group for British Sikhs. In which 14 MPs participated and 60 MPs also apologized for not joining. He called on the British government to negotiate with India on this law. The proposals that were requested from Dominique Rab during this meeting are …

This request was made by the UK government
1- An urgent meeting has been requested regarding the deterioration of the situation in Punjab and its relations with the Center.
2- You should discuss with Indian officials of British Sikhs and Punjabis who have long been associated for land and game in India.
3- To be negotiated with Indian Minister of Foreign Affairs Harsh Vardhan Shringla through the offices of the Commonwealth, Foreign Affairs and Development.

These deputies gave their support
The MPs who signed the letter in favor of this law are Debbie Abraham, Apsna Begum, Sir Peter Botley, Sarah Champion, Jeremy Corbyn, John Christus, John Cryer, Geraint Davis, Martin Docherty Hughes, Alan Dorrance, Andrew Gwenne, Afzal Khan , Ian Lavery, Emma Lavery, Clive Lewis, Tony Lloyd, Khalid Mehmood, Seema Malhotra, Steve McCabe, John MacDonnell, Pat McPhaden, Graham Morris, Carloin Nors, etc.

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