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Since its release, the new Chromium-based Edge has garnered top reviews from users and the trade press. Microsoft has finally hit the nail on the head and created a rival on par with Chrome and ready to surpass it in many ways. One of those points that Edge wants to highlight is performance and Edge 91 brings some important news in this regard.

Edge wants to deliver the best possible performance

If in April we informed you that Edge was running in “performance mode” for low-end computers, be aware that this is not the only feature focused on improving performance found in this browser. The standby and “Startup Boost” tabs were introduced several versions ago and now Microsoft promises to have improved them to go further in terms of resource savings and efficiency.

Improvements for standby tabs

The first of these features, the “wait tabs”, originated with Edge 88 and gives us the ability to save CPU and RAM (and therefore battery). This is achieved by disabling tabs that we haven’t used for a long time. This feature does not imply any interruption in our workflow, because when we click on it again, everything continues as before.

Those at Redmond claim to have improved this functionality and now achieve memory savings of up to 82%. How did they do it? Mainly thanks to the deactivation of the advertisements which are on the pages in the background.

A faster start for Microsoft Edge

As for Startup Boost, it is a feature that can be found in Settings> System with a questionable translation that says “Startup Boost”. This function, which is enabled by default, allows certain key Edge processes to be loaded when the operating system starts up, so that when you want to start it, the startup time is as short as possible. This function is particularly useful for low-end equipment where opening may take longer than necessary.

If you want to know more about Microsoft Edge and its main arguments against Google Chrome, we recommend that you take a look at our article where we highlight the 7 main advantages of Edge.

Colorful themes to personalize your browser

New Microsoft Edge Themes

Microsoft understands the importance for many people to be able to customize their browser as much as possible. Although Edge has supported themes for months, it wasn’t until after Edge 91 that they decided to add 10 colorful themes in browser settings.

This implies that we won’t have to download any themes from the plugins store, but these ten come preloaded and we can switch between them very easily. To be able to test the new Edge themes, you just have to go to the “Appearance” tab in the browser settings.

Customize news and information on the New Tab page

Now the Edge New Tab page will allow us to customize the information we see in more depth. Thanks to this feature, we can select the topics that interest us the most to fill our New Tab page.

Microsoft worked on this page for the News & Interest widget and now we’re also getting the result in Edge itself. Without a doubt, it will be an interesting addition for all those who appreciate being informed at a glance in their daily life about what interests them most.

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