Fatal accidents with mobile machinery have increased by 21.2% in the last five years

Fatal accidents with mobile machinery have increased by 21.2% in the past five years

Drivers and operators who use mobile machinery to carry out their work are more victims of occupational accidents than five years ago. More specifically, work-related accidents with sick leave for this group increased by 39.5%, going from 33,993 accidents in 2015 to 47,445 in 2019.

If we are talking about mortality, the numbers are not improving. Over the past five years, fatal work accidents have increased by 21.2% among personnel working as drivers and mobile machine operators, from 113 deaths in 2015 to 137 in 2019. By sex, the majority of the injured are men and if we talk about the type of injuries in half of the cases they are dislocations, sprains and strains, the parts of the body most affected being the extremities, which represent 60% of cases.

These are some of the conclusions of a report prepared by the mutual organization based on data from the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy. A document which, together with the management of the prevention of occupational hazards in agricultural and livestock activities, served to prepare a campaign to prevent accidents with agricultural tractors.

“The agricultural sector is, together with construction and industry, one of the sectors that has historically been leading the incidence rate of occupational accidents in Spain. And if we talk about agriculture and accidents, tractors inevitably enter the equation, ”said Jos Luis Cebrin, prevention manager at Umivale.

For this reason, and coinciding with the World Day of Remembrance of Road Accident Victims, the mutual organization prepared this campaign with the aim of knowing the risks and proposing preventive measures for the safe use of agricultural tractors. . “Most accidents in which a farm tractor is involved happen by distance if the incident occurs on a road and overturning it,” Cebrin pointed out.

Thus, the campaign is made up of two materials: on the one hand, a trigger to prevent accidents when using tractors in the field “in poster format, very visual, so that tractor drivers can quickly identify the measures that they must adopt in order to avoid being the victim of an accident as much as possible ”, and on the other hand a specific road safety card for tractors.

This dossier adds to Umivale’s campaign for road safety and focuses on the dangers of agricultural vehicles on the roads. “Tractors are vehicles which, because of their characteristics, are exempt from meeting one of the technical conditions required by law. They are not intended for use on the road network, but it is obviously necessary to take the roads to get to the workplace. For this reason, it is important to point out the obligations to which they must comply, such as driving by the chest or using a V-2 light signal if they do not exceed 40 km / h, and a whole battery of recommendations to which they must. comply to avoid causing an accident, ”Cebrin featured.

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