Fatal fungal infection: Fungal infection in the United States

After the corona virus, a dangerous fungal infection began to spread in American nursing homes and hospitals. According to health officials, for the first time such a deadly fungal infection is spreading, against which existing treatments have proved ineffective. According to the Dailystar report, cases of eastern Candida auris infection, first detected in Asia in 2009, have been discovered in nursing homes in Washington DC and two hospitals in Texas.

There are many cases in which the three main treatments do not work. According to Megan Liman, a doctor at the CDC Center for Disease Control and Prevention, for the first time, treatment appears to be ineffective in many patients where infections have mixed with each other.

There is a dangerous form of Candida auris East. It is considered extremely fatal in places affected by serious illnesses such as hospitals and nursing homes. It can also be fatal if it affects the blood, brain or heart.

Cases of Candida auris have been found in critically ill patients in nursing homes in Washington DC, three of whom were unresponsive to medication. At the same time, 22 cases were discovered in Dallas, Texas, of which two drugs are ineffective. Three in five people died without being affected by the drugs.

More than 30 million people hunted
Globally, more than 300 million people suffer from fungal diseases each year, and around 25 million people are at risk of losing their sight or dying. According to an assessment by the Global Fungal Infections Fund, these are more than deaths from malaria or tuberculosis. There were 1,500 cases in the United States at the end of 2020. There was also a possibility of causing more damage to both due to Corona.

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