Father Aragonès agrees with the CUP to submit to a question of confidence in the full legislature

Publication: Monday March 22, 2021 10:46 PM

Esquerra Republicana’s candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Pere Aragonès, revealed that the pre-nomination agreement concluded between his party and the CUP includes the commitment to submit to a question of confidence in the legislative environment .

This is what he indicated in an article published this Monday in the newspaper ‘Ara’, where he assures that this commitment “ensures the investiture and approval of” Catalan budgets “, bringing the new government stability while absolutely necessary “.

“It is good and healthy that when I am president of the Generalitat I submit to a question of confidence in the middle of the legislature to evaluate us, renew the agreement and strengthen the stability of the government”, defended Aragonès, after the announcement. Sunday of the pre-agreement with the capitalist formation, which brings it closer to its investment this Friday, while waiting to know if Junts per Cat will support it.

In his article, Aragonès urges to reach an agreement which allows the new government to “launch this Friday”, with the investiture debate to which he intends to appear, and he is “convinced” that there will be an agreement between the separatists. forces.

For Aragonès, the pre-agreement with the CUP represents “the first stone of the new republican Generalitat”, although he admits his “obligation to intensify negotiations with the Junts and the CUP to solidify the agreement before Friday”.

“Given the difficulties facing the country, I am convinced that we will be able to forge a government agreement that will allow us to face head-on and without further delay all social emergencies, the economic reconstruction of the country and to the resolution of the conflict with the State ”. However, he assures us, concluding that the moment requires a “willingness to agree” on the part of all.

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