Father Aragonès denounces the will of the Supreme Court to “derail the independence movement from the political path”

Posted: Saturday, December 5, 2020 5:07 PM

The acting vice-president of the government, Pere Aragonès, argued that the revocation of the third degree to prisoners of independence by the Supreme Court responds to the will of this court to want to “derail the independence movement from the political path “.

“With each step that the independence movement takes to condition the government of the state, the judicial right takes one more step to intensify the repression of the independence movement,” said Aragonès, who added that “his objective is clear: to make derail the independence movement from this political route “.

However, the also national coordinator of the ERC has put forward what will be the “response” of the Republicans: “Do not move a millimeter in defense of the dignity of the people or the path to independence”.

Aragonès also claimed that the ordinances on the eve of the Supreme Court “clearly indicate that the judicial process is a dead end” and, therefore, defended that “in the face of repression” there is only the option of doing “more politics than ever.” “He recalled the ERC’s proposals: amnesty law and self-determination referendum in Catalonia.

Regarding the possibility that the government chooses to grant pardon to the separatists in prison, an option that United We can adopt as quickly as possible, Aragonès recalled that the commons are part of the central executive, he therefore asked them to “wake up “. .

In any case, he insisted on the fact that ERC bet on amnesty because it is the only “political solution” on the table. Vilagrà, in turn, blamed the “act of revenge” committed by the Supreme Court and asserted that “the sentences of political prisoners remain firm” despite the complexity of their personal situation.

We are the ones who will lead this country to independence ”

He also defended that the ERC is “the most useful tool” to advance towards independence: “We are the ones who will lead this country to independence and victory and who will also reverse this very complicated situation ( in reference to the crisis). in the fastest way, ”he says.

This Friday, the Supreme Court revoked the third degree granted by the Generalitat to the nine condemned to prison for the “ trials ”, who will also not be able to benefit from the flexible regime which allowed them to go to work or to volunteer in under section 100.2 of the regulations. penitentiary.

Carme Forcadell and Dolors Bassa return to prison

As a result of this decision, former Speaker of Parliament Carme Forcadell and former Councilor Dolors Bassa had to return to prison. Forcadell did so in Barcelona women’s prison Wad-Ras and, before entering, said on Twitter that “the conflict between Catalonia and Spain can only be resolved by talking, dialoguing and by voting “, and assured that she did not. she entered prison for having been president of the Parliament, but for having been president of the Catalan National Assembly.

The former president of the Parliament encouraged “to continue to work to make a country more just, more united and more free”, and asked that freedom be always defended. Additionally, upon arriving in prison, Forcadell said: “Thank you very much for all the support you have always given us, I know we can trust you, I cannot thank you enough for all the support received.” And, before entering prison, he sent a message to the Catalan population to “always persist”.

For his part, Dolors Bassa posted a message on Twitter before entering prison at Puig de les Basses prison in Figueres (Girona): “Now we are returning to the great repression, but we continue with firm convictions, because our anxieties collective freedom does not stop “.

Upon arriving in prison, Bassa said: “Whatever you do we will not give up and we will continue and whatever they say the dialogue and negotiation will always be there.” In addition, Bassa expressed that he felt “anger, helplessness and indignity”, but that they will continue to move forward, and thanked the demonstrators who were at the gates of the prison, who responded with cries of “freedom”.

Thus, the two former politicians returned to the penitentiary centers after having received the official notification from the Supreme Court of revocation of the third degree request, approved by the treatment commissions and ratified by a prison supervisory judge. After receiving them, they contacted the two convicts to inform them that they should return to the respective penitentiary centers according to the decision of the High Court.

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