Father Aragonès pleads for the government to establish alliances “beyond” the independence movement

Posted: Sunday November 29 2020 10:40

Father Aragonès, vice-president of the Generalitat, recommended that the next government establish alliances “beyond” the independence movement, although he sees an agreement with Miquel Iceta’s PSC and his project, with which ERC is in “the impossible” Antipodes “.

In an interview published by ‘La Vanguardia’, the Catalan vice-president stressed that the future government which will be born after the elections of February 14 must be “committed” for independence in order to face a negotiating table in which to defend the self-determination of Catalonia and the amnesty of the heads of the trials in prison and of all the accused.

However, Aragonès argues that alliances must also be established “beyond” independence, and thus cites the commons, among which there are people who defend the right to decide of the Catalans, or sectors of the CUP , which your judgment should be involved.

However, he completely rules out an agreement with the Socialists: “We are the opposite of Miquel Iceta’s PSC, there is no possible agreement (…). We reject it completely, because there is no “There is no shared project. His is incompatible with what we are defending,” said Aragonès, who recalled that socialists with a more sovereign profile joined the ranks of the ERC a long time ago.

Asked, in this sense, if he feels closer to the PSOE than to the PSC, he replied that “yes”, because in his opinion the Catalan socialists “want to obtain the votes of the citizens and that makes them abandon the consensus of Catalanism where before had been “.

As for a possible pardon for the leaders of the trial, he stressed that what the ERC defends is an amnesty law because, he said, it is not only the imprisoned politicians but all the cases courts that are still open. “The solution is amnesty. In any case, we will not oppose in any way any proposal that alleviates the pain of retaliation,” he said.

Regarding the ERC’s support for general state budgets, Aragonès argued that his party has managed to “improve” the government’s initial proposal, making more investments for Catalonia and, as an example , cited a post of “450 million to compensate for the lack of funding” of the Mossos d’Esquadra.

In this context, JxCAT has disfigured – although without explicitly citing it – its position within the PGE: “If the whole Catalan independence movement had started to negotiate, the results would have been better. But we think that to decide that the present does not matter to a future that we must achieve, it is not an option, ”said Aragonès.

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